good morning sacremento!!

didnt go to school today....poor me has a cold. nothing serious its just im too lazy to do any work. =D

kinda chilly in my house right now. my parents are obsessed with the air conditioner. lol whenever i look at the vent it remind me of when meg was like OMGG HES SOO HOTT and then fell on the vent to cool down. hahhaha sorry random things im remembering here.

8 days till i get to take my drivers test
now what BITCHES whos getting that convertible first?/
haha sike.

& we might not to have to move. how awesome is that?!
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hey guys!!!
im not going to make this journal friends only b/c some of my friends dont have ljs.

anyone want to help me out with my journal? it looks really badd.

i went to the movies last night with kyle <3!
we saw meet the fockers.

but im really upset. kyle and me have been dating for 1 year!! and all my friends, i love them tons!! my parents told me on friday that we are POSSIBLY moving. which means we probably are. and no we arent moving to some other place in cali, were moving to the east coast! blehh. my friend moved to new york and she says its freezing there in the winter. great! im going to miss everyone.

heartachex0: my dog just had a severe case of diaria.
jessexsays: daria? i used to watch that show!
heartachex0: LMFAOOO nnoo DIARIA. the liquid poo.

ahh i <3 dana!